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The Ice House Tavern!
3855 E. Thomas Road in Phoenix, AZ.
(602) 244-1179

Located in the Arcadia neighborhood, this is the best bar in Arizona for ice hockey, darts and live original music -- plus an extensive selection of craft beers!

Photo Album

Photo Page 3: Carol Pacey and the Hay Girls radio show

Photo Page 2: Photos of the Phoenix Coyotes Away Game Party, 03-27-14

Photo Page 1: Celebration of Sharoll "Sam" Minakes- 05-13-13

Hockey and sports

Great sports action everyday!

Great Music

Great music on weekends!

Great people

Great people, great patio, and great fun!

Thanks for your interest in the Ice House Tavern in Phoenix!

We're all looking forward to seeing you at the Ice House Tavern!

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